The Horse’s Mouth

Dear friends,

As well as being a poetry enthusiast, some of you know that I am a certified professional co-active life coach. I specialise in helping creatives and aspiring creative clients to access and deepen their creativity, work through blocks and to help bring their dreams, projects and personal life goals to fruition. I cannot tell you what an honour it is to witness my clients transforming in our sessions. It is both a playful and an empowering process and, as you can no doubt tell, I am truly passionate about this work.

Four of my lovely clients have made video testimonials which I have made into an iMovie and can be viewed below. I would be really grateful if you could share this post and my video as of course word of mouth is the best way of people getting to hear about what I do.

Coaching Testimonials

If you, your loved ones or anyone in your network is curious about being coached creatively and would like to try a free no-obligations demo session via Skype or Zoom, email me :

My website can be found at :

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