Thought Planting

What we feed our minds with on a daily basis definitely shapes the garden of our everyday experience. We don’t always feel that we have control over our thoughts but when we slow down, go inward and breathe then our thoughts often soften and support us accordingly. What are you growing in your mental garden at the moment?

Helpful Thoughts

Helpful thoughts affirm our worth

They ground us and sustain us

When they are taught to us from birth

They regulate and tame us

If we choose them as lifelong friends

Our helpful thoughts protect us

And our potential has no end

Our good vibes are infectious

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11 thoughts on “Thought Planting

  1. I attended a gardening workshop this weekend. The speaker talked of how gardeners worry about what’s above the ground without considering the needs of the roots below the ground. I think we do that as people as well.

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