Universal Creators

We creatives (and I use this term to describe humans in general) often feel a bit like vessels of communication. It is almost as if messages from the universe are thrown out to us and we receive and translate them through our chosen creative medium. I quite like the idea of catching ideas in this way as it takes the ego out of the creative process and allows us to enjoy receiving and interpreting. There is nothing elitist about creating – we can all catch ideas and then choose to create from them and that’s the fun of it all! What is your chosen creative medium?

Embodied Reception

Centrivical flow through the pulsating plantar receptors

Vivacious vibrations creeping up the branched limbs

Star-stretched, I expand into Universal Luminosity

A channel for the creative charge which manifests in a multitude of moods

Heart primed to inhale the buzzing bites of brilliance

The vessel open to cosmic communication

Intensely alive!

Glittering gusts of gratitude dissolve into upturned palms

The Ego disintegrates

Body acquiescing into the wholeness of the present moment

Reborn into the full expression of The Generator.

Photo : https://www.pbs.org/video/nova-wonders-whats-the-universe-made-of-2eyoyw/


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