A Healthy Balance

We all know how important it is to have balance in our lives yet we rarely remain completely in the middle. I believe that we need to have lived through highs and lows to know where our centre is. Even in the most difficult of times, if we remain open and receptive then new and positive energy will flood in.



Good comes out of bad

However hard it seems

There’s happy after sad

You’re closer to your dreams

Growth comes out of pain

And strength replaces fear

Loss it leads to gain

And joy bursts through the tears

Light shines through the dark

You’re wiser than you know

It’s no walk in the park

But highs come after lows

With hindsight you’ll be glad

You’ll thank the two extremes

For good comes out of bad

However hard it seems


Photo : https://www.lifewire.com/balance-design-principle-3470048


27 thoughts on “A Healthy Balance

  1. Sam, you poem really captures the entire process and you must have been watching over us throughout our experience with bullying which I’m sharing in my Bullying & Beyond posts. I totally agree when you say “With hindsight you’ll be glad” and I’ve wrote about it in “Bullying I am grateful for it all.” I would like to share your excellent poem under my Bullying & Beyond posts as it is so apt. Would you be ok with that? If not, I totally understand, and I will certainly want to share it with a reblog! Le grà, Marie xx

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      1. I think the tough bits stretch us beyond our comfort zones, causing us to question our attitudes and beliefs and that helps us become a better and grittier version of ourselves! Thank you Sam, I’ll go right ahead and share. Le grà, Marie xx

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