Fearsome Force

Fear is an energy that can pull us onwards and create a vortex of doubt. As with many powerful energies though, if you flip it inside out, fear becomes strength and personal power. How can you harness your fear and use it to propel you to greater things in your life?

Flipping Fear

The Flip Side of your Fear

Can startle and surprise

Yes you who’s standing here

All dazzling and wide-eyed

You tossed the coin of worry

Where energy ran high

And off those demons scurried

As tails, the heads defied

You turned fear on its head

They were one and the same

Strength replaced the dread

And wild transpired from tame

And after all these years

Of hiding from your size

The Flip Side of your Fear

Was courage far more wise

If you would like to connect to courage and strength in a life coaching session, email me samallencoachingcreatively@gmail.com to book a free 30 minutes no-obligations demo session.

Photo : http://aspiringmormonwomen.org/2015/03/04/taking-a-leap-of-faith/

7 thoughts on “Fearsome Force

  1. Another great poem, Sam, you have a talent for this form with its alternating rhymes. It’s been said that fear and excitement are the same physiologically. Everyone riding a rollercoaster feels the same inside, our attitude determines whether we interpret that feeling as scared or thrilled. Nice work! 🙂

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