A Will and a Way

Hope has to be one of the most strengthening emotions out there. Maintaining our sense of hope means that everything is possible. It keeps our options open, motivates us and gives us something to cling to. The snow crocus grows in harsh winter conditions, proving that where there’s a will, there really is a way. I have also included a live recital of this poem. If you like my work and are curious about working with me as a life coach, email me and we can set up a free no-obligations 30 minute online demo session : samallencoachingcreatively@gmail.com


Snow Crocus

Crocus cracking through the cold

Fed by the odd bright sky

Despite the hardships you’ve been told

You keep your head held high

Your narrow leaves are interweaved

With silver strikes of promise

You flourish with inspiring ease

Your bell blooms bright and honest

Ignore the slander you’ve been sold

It’s hope that makes you wise

If I can grow here in the cold

Believe in life’s surprise


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