Bright Fighter

Last week I discovered that my brilliant Auntie Glen has cancer. We don’t know the stage or the required treatment yet but what we do know is that if anyone is going to fight this bastard she will! Auntie Glen is a huge-hearted human songbird with great inner strength. Her humour an warmth are are legendary and this post is dedicated to the power of her positivity.

Whole Heart

The power of your heart

Could put some folk to shame

You’ve always had the art

A fearless, dancing flame

A lover of humanity

My nightingale, my Aunt

You add light to the gravity

With you there is no ‘can’t’

A constant in my life

How you light up the room

Find humour in the strife

No time for doom and gloom

You are the Queen of Darts

And positive’s your game

The power of your heart

Could put some folk to shame

32 thoughts on “Bright Fighter

  1. My best wishes to you and your aunt, keeping you both in my prayers. This deeply resonated with me; one of my very best friends is battling breast cancer, and starts radiation therapy this week. You’ve inspired me to write something dedicated to her, I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks for this post.

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  2. Hope that your aunt is fighting this true, don’t give up. Let her feel supported by all a don’t the illness take over your daily routine, have days without mentioning it, have a family day , those happy that really comes just for her and yourself

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