Dust Yourself Off

After a tough day I was feeling a little sorry for myself until I glimpsed a stoic Swiss elderly lady pushing her mobile walking frame. I have nothing but admiration for those that get up and get out despite challenging mobility issues. I vowed to pick myself up immediately and wrote some lines. Moments after writing I accidentally deleted the whole bloody poem so had to start again from scratch. Witnessing this lady’s determination gave me the drive to rewrite it and to keep pushing onwards and upwards. What gives you your drive?

Tenacious Lesson

She stooped over the mobility frame

Pushing onwards, pushing upwards

Frail fingers crunching beneath the cool handle

Pushing onwards, pushing upwards

Face falling but spirit standing

Pushing onwards, pushing upwards

I glimpsed the vivacity of her youth

Pushing onwards, pushing upwards

Beneath piercing blue eyes and silver strands

Pushing onwards, pushing upwards

Iron will and nerves of steel

Pushing onwards, pushing upwards

A woman is like a teabag…

Pushing onwards, pushing upwards

If she can, so can I…

Pushing onwards, pushing upwards,

like she always did

and like she always would.

Photo : https://www.yearon.com/blog/pick-yourself-up-dust-yourself-off

10 thoughts on “Dust Yourself Off

  1. It could almost be me with my walker, although I don’t quite qualify for frail – have MS, and just a golden oldie. I just have the determination to carry as usual as far as I still can: still do my housework and now and again make an excursion to town, but with my electric wheelchair. And luckily can still drive my car. I liked the poem, an ode to all of us that need support in daily life.

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  2. When my sister was so ill with cancer, everyone begged her to move her bedroom downstairs. She smiled, refused and continued to climb the stairs everyday. She told me it was the only consistent exercise she experienced. Years after her passing, she still encourages me every day.

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