Street Feet

I am so easily over-stimulated in cities and this seems to be getting worse with age. Or maybe I’m just more aware of it? Basel is hardly a sprawling metropolis but whilst waiting there for a recent medical appointment (and having been recently inspired by the amazing Mary Oliver’s poetry) I pounded the pavements and wrote this piece.


Towns scare me.

Especially when wondering aimlessly past

purposeful people

with obvious orientation

Multiple hikes around the same sleet-edged block

is quite unconvincing behaviour

Tongue-twister hat sticks out a mile

As do the over-sensitised.

Image :

16 thoughts on “Street Feet

  1. Yes. Over stimulation is a problem. You’ve prompted me to put up a poem about it I’ve been hanging back on for days. great pic 🙂 and btw I’m a Mary Oliver fan: I still read her book ‘American Primitive’ from time to time

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