Tip Top

On Saturday our lovely friends Paul, Tracy and Fiona and their adorable dog Muttley, drove us all up to Zug so that we could experience the Zugerberg together. Andy and I had been raving on about it so it felt only right to venture back up there together. As we approached Zug the visibility was really poor and I felt doubtful that we would be able to see the beautiful views which had stunned us the last time. As we rose up in the funicular I was proven completely wrong and the sun was shining once again up in the mountains. I sledged for the first time (thanks to private tuition from Paul and Fiona!) and we walked, talked, laughed, ate lunch outside in 0 degrees (long story!) and had an amazing day together. Tip top! as the Swiss so love to say!

Making Memories

We wade across the glitter sheet

Our feet and hearts a tingling

It’s magical each time we meet

And now up high we’re mingling

We smile and sledge down snowy ledge

Though I am but a novice

Avoiding precipice and hedge

And Dad would approve of this!

We perch and munch, a hearty lunch

Fulfilled by hill snowflaking

The five of us a happy bunch

How I love memory making

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