Letting your Guard Down

It seems to me that we invest way too much energy into glossing over our emotional experiences so that they do not offend or overwhelm others or ourselves. When we are strong enough to fully express our fragility and our joy we are more bonded to those around us than ever. How could you let your guard down a little?


So let them see you cry

Don’t hide the rough with smooth

For they are you and I

It’s shit we’ll all go through

The circumstances; details

The suffering; universal

This is not one big me-tale

They know the role-reversal

And let them see you shine

Don’t play down your success

For what is yours is mine

Don’t make out that you’re less

Your blossoming; inspiring

Your passion; food for thought

When it’s you they’re admiring

Hug the bug they’ve caught!

Photo : https://pixels.com/featured/empowered-vulnerability-andrew-thompson.html

6 thoughts on “Letting your Guard Down

  1. Good morning Sam,

    Letting our guard down allows others to do the same and before you know it….bonds are made. It took me quite a while to learn this…but once learned….there is a sense of freedom. Thank you very much – Janet 🙂


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