Picky Patient

I have always been a little on the clumsy side. Ok, maybe more than just a little to be perfectly truthful! After two recent medical appointments on consecutive days I began to really see the virtues of the Schmerzklinik waiting room experience and wrote about this in the following poem inspired by the legendary Mary Oliver whose poetry I have only just got to know and am a complete fan already!

At the Schmerzklinik

The more spacious the waiting room, the better.

Now I can spread my powder-blue polar bear and drop

my mobile phone the obligatory three times

whilst clambering around for my dangling earphones

with at least a little space around me.


Yesterday I waited for sixty minutes

in a minuscule human oven

One whole hour spent knee-to-knee with anxious Germans waiting to be drilled and flossed, shuffling in their seats like human jack-in-the-boxes

(if such a ridiculous sounding plural form actually exists?)

This solitary, sanitary-smelling Swiss sanctuary

is worlds apart.

9 thoughts on “Picky Patient

  1. I, too, prefer to wait where my bubble of space is not converged with others’ bubbles. Love your description of settling in, dropping phone, etc. I think Mary Oliver would be nodding resonance from waaaay across the waiting room …

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  2. I’m a great fan of Mary Oliver and I loved your poem; there is much to be written about the experience of waiting in waiting rooms. I’ve tried a few times with little success. I like your stye. I will follow your blog and have a good look tomorrow, I’m getting a little tired now 🙂

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