Mother Nature Talking

My walk to work reveals all manner of insights to me as I am surrounded by nature at the crack of dawn. Sometimes is just a case of turning my thoughts down and watching what unravels in front of me. This kind of observation is full of hidden gems of wisdom which have a logic all of their own.


Roaming Realisation

Warm jets waft through the gasping grass.

Brave herons trawl for morning worms and

I stride bewildered through the mild manners of deceptive December.

Gangways of polished puddles glisten, their reflections catching lone lamp lights

whilst dirty white lanterns bob in the baffled breeze.

Even the tame tabby skips sceptically across

the shifting stones.

The moustached cyclist mouthing a peppy platitude,

his two hounds hurtling onto the horizon as I,

begin to see the light.


Photo :


4 thoughts on “Mother Nature Talking

  1. This is arousing … makes me want to go walking before dawn … something I do rarely, never from home (stuck in the midst of suburbia). This takes my spirit into less-populated areas we’ve camped in, where Ma Nature has fewer filters interfering with her messages to those up and open. Thank you for a great reflection.


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