No Beers Cheers!

I do love a glass of vino or three it has to be said. And the odd Bombay Sapphire and tonic. And Baileys… Before I enter into an imaginary world of booze utopia I have to mention that I have somehow fallen into taking part in Dry January. It all started on New Year’s Day when I woke up with a sore head and decided that a couple of days detox from the Christmas booze was in order and then I kind of stuck with it. Now that I am back at work I only really enjoy a tipple on Fridays and Saturdays anyway but let’s see how long it lasts! I can feel the benefits of my accidental detox but the simple pleasures have their place let’s face it! Weekend drinks anyone?!

Dry January

Cold turkey is a touch extreme

I love my weekend vino

Though perkier I may now seem

My mind thinks I’m a meano

Now it’s my lot, the days to tot

Without my grape elixir

But Earl Grey doesn’t hit the spot

Has not the same quick fix to her!

I’m more awake, I know this break

Is healthy and quite virtuous

But just one glass for goodness sake!

Is my request not courteous?

I see the gains but what a pain

My brain is not a keano

Can’t wait for Friday drinks again

I love my weekend vino!

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