Transforming Touches

Today’s poem was another piece penned en route to Konstanz. I was experimenting with a new form and aiming to incorporate some alternative word choices whilst still staying true to the core theme of transformation. On rereading my poem today I am quite pleased with the result, particularly as it still makes me feel how I felt when I initially wrote it.

The Chrysalis

The chrysalis broke through operatic heartspace, challenging her evolution.

At first soft movement steeped in soul grace, cracking open her resolution

The chrysalis, shell-shocked dramatically displaced

aware of the self-improvement

Knew that she’d move on

Change was fast-paced,

Wings and prayers spoke in a veiled solution

The chrysalis, foresaw no gain in the closed case

decided to get her groove on

Ruby red shoes on

Heaped with good grace,

Flight relies on the execution


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