Sky Dive

One evening I walked back from choir in a state of reverie and looked up at the sky imagining it to be the sea. It was a surreal and special experience, resulting in the scribing of today’s poem. When we let our imagination soar and swim anything is possible and this is what excites me about life! Happy New Year 2019 and may your dreams and imaginations guide you. Thank you so much for following my blog and connecting with my words.

Night Sailing

Sailing past the moon

Through choppy, deep green sky

The grains of curled cloud dunes

Clog up my crescent eyes

Oh my how lunar lapping

Can lull the likes of me

The starfish catch me napping

As I float high at sea

To dive into the nighttime

Where depths of sky-bed swell

To me seems just the right time

Of evening’s tide to tell

The waves of wonder whisper

Drift on and don’t assume

Oh silver shouldered sister

Sail on, beneath the moon

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