Winter Waves

Seagulls resurface regularly in my beach based poems. As well as representing freedom and holidays, they also recall fond memories of lovely afternoons spent at the great British seaside. A brisk walk on a winter beach in Blighty can revive the most lethargic of moods. This poem was inspired by a windswept wander along a south Devon beach a few winters ago.

Winter Beach

Seagulls on a winter’s beach

The crowds are far away

The light of love within my reach

As windswept tendrils sway

The bracing cold awakens me

My sleepy mind untangles

Oh sea air you’re the make of me

Your tide provides new angles

My shingle polished, here I stand

You’ve worked your deep blue magic

We have our answers close to hand

They don’t lie in our gadgets

I drink in my renewed supply

My heart soft as a peach

The seagulls merrily swoop by

Upon this winter beach

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