Rockin’ Robin

Robins continue to send me little signals and messages from my Dad. One afternoon recently I was walking along the river and a robin came up very close to me. It perched contentedly as if it wanted to spend a little time with me. I hadn’t seen one for a while and it was such a comforting experience that stayed with me for the rest of the day.

River Robin

I see you perched, red chest aglow

“Just trust and it will be ok”

Whichever way the wind doth blow

I know there’ll always be a way

Some days the wish to have you back

Stacks up inside like wooden crates

But I know you still have my back

The cracks of light incite my faith

I’m safe within your morning call

Awaking early for the worms

Sometimes you’re not that far at all

The school of thought inside confirms

There’s joy in rhythm calm and slow

The setting sun knows you can’t stay

I see you perched, red chest aglow

“Just trust and it will be ok”

Photo : Andrew Goodall


6 thoughts on “Rockin’ Robin

      1. They really are. We ha e seen a lot lately. I always get a thrill in my heart. Oh but what a racket they can make lol. Such beautiful creatures

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  1. Aww since my Mum and sister died I have been having this experience all the time. One day cockatoo came to my bedroom window and sat right in front of it pecking on the glass for over half an hour then he flew into the living room and knocked a bag my sister’s daughter in law gave me off the wooden chest. My sister was cheeky like a cockatoo. This is just one of many experiences with birds since they both passed.

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