Light Flight

Today’s suggestion is to write for five to ten minutes asking the question, “How will I know?” The poem can be about anything that you are trying to figure out. The idea is to take a random text, pick out resonant words from it and then create the poem from them. Whilst pondering on my plans to expand my coaching business, I landed upon a factual text about butterflies and created from this. I have to admit I enjoyed this prompt far more than I anticipated. Almost as soon as I began writing, Android, who was completely unaware of my idea, shared a photo that he had taken of a butterfly and I simply had to include this image to accompany my poem!

Flying Gem Feelings

How will I know, until I try?

Unfold my sticky and scaly wings

Perceiving through my cupid compound eyes

Gives an enchanting perspective on things

How will I know until I fly?

Display the array of my coloured wings?

Thorax and head threading through the sky

Flitting towards what the future brings

How will I know until I let go?

Trust is a must when you spread your wings

Flying Gem feelings say more than we know

Change hope and life are what courage brings


16 thoughts on “Light Flight

  1. Beautiful butterfly! I think they are naturally brave. Many of us humans have to try very hard to be brave. It doesn’t come naturally. Well, not for me, anyway.


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