Just my Imagination

This morning we are encouraged to write about things that we need to get off our chest and are asked to recall the last time we felt strongly that someone needed to see things from our point of view. I started to think about the realists that I have encountered along my way that deem dreaming as frivolous and self-indulgent. Our dreams are what give life colour and I believe that exploring our imagination is both a pleasure and human right. I write a Blitz poem, as suggested, and am beginning to rather like this poetic form!

Face the Way

Pie in the sky

Pie in the face

Face the facts

Face your feelings

Feelings come

Feelings go

Go go go

Go with the flow

Flow with life

Life’s a gift

Gift that keeps giving

Gift of love

Love’s a beach

Love’s a dream

Dream a little dream

Dreamer’s Bay

Bay of hope

Bay of blue

Blue eyed girl

Blue moon shining

Shining light

Shining star

Star of the night

Star is born

Born to give

Born to believe

Believe in yourself

Believe in good

Good over evil

Good to great

Great expectations

Great balls of fire

Fire in my belly

Fire in my soul

Soul that sings

Soul that stirs

Stirs and shakes

Stirs with words

Words that shape

Words that heal

Heal my heart

Heal the world

World goes round

World drifts by

By and large

By the way

Way I know

Wayfaring stranger



Photo : https://www.dreamstime.com/colorful-background-purple-gold-spiraling-lights-background-purple-gold-spiraling-lights-image113344325

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