Skyline Signs

One Saturday afternoon back in June I lay down on my garden chair and spent a good while gazing at the sky. It’s interesting what you begin to notice when you look up. Definitely offers another perspective on life! Today’s poem is all about what can open up when we look to the signs up above!

On the Horizon

On the horizon, wispy threads of tranquility weave through the daytime sea

and the praying clematis vibrate in devotion.

On the horizon, smoky summer fumes blend with pale-faced pansies

and the anticipation of freedom

gathers in the lofty breeze.

On the horizon shadows white houses hold a thousand stories

and my goose pimpled skin savours the respite from exposure.

On the horizon the full well longs to nourish and create

and the elevation of my relieved feet carries my soul.

On the horizon I am part of the powder blue and rooted in the deep green,

mindful of the cloudy waves and floating in my garden chair

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