Droning On

Young Android (aka The Crazy Cat Man!) does love to drone and I agreed to being his fully-fledged droning partner last weekend as his new toy took to the air in our local field! For the unaccustomed it is perhaps difficult to imagine the fun to be had in flying a remote-controlled techy gadget around a field but you’d be surprised! Judging by the way Android’s face lit up during this ethereal experience, one can only conclude that there is a place for droning in everyone’s life!

Drone Zone

I’m sitting on a log

The field is open wide

The whirring of some cogs

Then skyward bound you glide

A twisted silver crucifix

With your red beady eye

And Android tries the App to fix

Whilst I watch butterflies

Til up again you rise

You’re just about in sight

I’m jealous of your eyes

That see from such great height

It’s fun to watch you fly

And chores are for postponing

You pace the sun-filled sky

There’s simple joy in droning


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