Onwards and Upwards

On the twelfth of July this year I was hiking through cornfields with Android and it dawned on me that Dad would have been seventy that day. I always find his birthday hard and it felt all the more melancholic to think that he hadn’t had the big seventh celebration which he truly deserved. Out of nowhere I felt a sense of Dad telling me not to be sad for him and to carry on embracing beautiful experiences. That would be Dad alright – altruistic even up there in heaven! This poem was another one which basically wrote itself.

I didn’t leave

Be not sad though I you’ve lost

For I live through your every breath

I intersect the paths you cross

In petals pink, your zealousness

Don’t guess what’s round the corner next

Think less and hear the swallow’s song

When things go wrong, when you are vexed

My darling girl, we’ll walk along

the paths down by the boating lake

and break from heavy-heartedness

Pray be not sad for my own sake

For I live through your every breath


5 thoughts on “Onwards and Upwards

  1. This is beautiful. I lost my Dad a year ago and had a few tears with my Mum. I realised I wasn’t crying for him, just for me and mum. He is so happy, just like your Dad. So encouraged to have this confirmed by you now. Agreeing with you in prayer, Lots of love, L

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