Sir Stripe-a-Lot

Our not-so-little baby tiger, Ziggy, grows in trust and confidence every day. He is almost as loyal as our beloved Lenny – perhaps a parting gift from above from our much missed black prince? We recently had Andy’s family to stay and he was quite happy in our company, despite previously having ran a mile from new noises, people and situations. Ziggy-Ziggy has definitely been on a journey and as I admire his stripy coat I am inspired to pen the following lines about him.

Fe-line Healing

When he left, there were no lines

Only time. And our echoed tones

Then she phoned and you became mine

Some blurry lines and sharp undertones

In your hiding place, you were

all alone and your heart pined

how you longed to roam

as I spoke, there were hopeful signs

in your zig-zagged lines and your feeding tones

Guess you’d crossed the line

and what trust you’ve shown

Now your coat shines

And our house is home


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