Sleepy Sheepy

Daring to be different carries both risks and rewards. Many of the the social rules and expectations in this life help us to coexist harmoniously and help to keep us safe. Every now and then though, I find it is healthy to challenge ‘the done thing’ and to unleash our inner rebel sheep spirit. Just a little…

Rebel Sheep

Imagine the storm

If we didn’t conform

Didn’t aim for the norm

Didn’t stay true to form

Imagine the mess

If we dared to express

Didn’t say yes to stress

And we didn’t care less

Imagine the day

If we broke through the grey

Said what we had to say

No more roles left to play

Imagine the change

If we went out of range

We escaped from the grange

Some might find it quite strange

Imagine the leap

The new friendships we’d keep

If we lived from The Deep

We’d be like rebel sheep

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