Grief Relief

One Sunday I strolled out and felt a strange and new sensation. It was as if the grief that I had experienced since losing Dad was changing form, metamorphosing if you like! It was quite a physical sensation and not an unpleasant one as I began feeling as if the grief was integrated into my being and no longer had such a hold. All a bit deep I know but worth capturing in a poem I thought! (You know me!)

The Lesion’s Cohesion

Shrivelled memories disperse into the smooth slate sky

The hues of harvested hay warming my afternoon aura

Each foot forward a decision towards acceptance

You have your life to live…

The sadness; a tranquil pool within my inner landscape

No more at war with the torrent of tears

I integrate the hopeful lemon of the new dawn

No longer daunted by the solitary ascent

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