Weather Dependent

Us humans do like the feeling of being in control. Or rather the illusion of it! Now that we can run our whole lives through our IPhones this has taken on epic proportions! But shit happens. And we can’t prepare for it. Sometimes it’s just a case of blind faith and realising that we know very little about what weather life is going to throw our way.

Weathered Souls

You can’t control the thunder

The tantrums of the sky

All we can do is wonder

And watch life through our eyes

You can’t control the lightning

The bolts out of the blue

The times when life is frightening

Blind faith helps me get through

You can’t control the showers

That burst forth when they like

We don’t possess the power

Can’t choose when fierce storms strike

You can’t control the elements

Despite how hard you try

Acceptance is more relevant

Mere mortals you and I

Our forecasts vary every day

From sunny skies to mist

No weather front is here to stay

Observe the changing twists

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