Sublime Timing

Throughout my life I have become increasingly aware of how the universe reflects my experience back to me. On Swiss National Day this year (1st August), I sat in the garden drinking a beer with my gorgeous baby tiger Ziggy on my lap. I was feeling so grateful for what a lovely and affectionate cat he has become and felt really contented. As if by magic, the next instrumental track blaring out from the Sportsplatz speaker was a slightly kitsch rendition of Eye of The Tiger. Coincidence, you say! Maybe? But I’m not so sure…


Astounding how fate mirrors our experiences

through coincidental confessions

and glimpsed newspaper headlines

serendipitous song lyrics

and chance meetings with past acquaintances

in contented cornfields

and purgative downpours

Straining through the tea leaves

and billowing through the birches

Comforting to know


is written into the minutiae

of our every waking minute

Photo :


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