Suck it and See

It breaks my heart when people tell me that they aren’t creative. Who on earth gave them this ridiculous misconception of themselves? Of course we are not all born world famous painters or internationally renowned inventors, but we all share the same capacity to draw on old ideas and to turn them into something new. For me at least, this is the very essence of creativity. What stops many is the fear of judgement and the feeling that their creative offering might not be of any real merit. Having shared my poetry for over a year now on an almost daily basis, I have started to lose the fear of not being ‘good enough.’ Another day another dollar and all that. When I express myself through words, I give voice to my inner world and the freedom that this offers outweighs any negative feedback that I could potentially receive. Creating poetry brings me such joy that boring old perfectionism goes flying out of the window. What would you create if you have yourself permission to let go of being perfect enough?


Create, create, or you’ll stagnate

Fear not how good your work is

No need to pause and contemplate

For what’s at stake is worthless

Create, create, this human state

Lets childlike fun resurface

Take your invention on a date

And you’ll see what shared mirth is

Create, create, it’s not too late

Don’t wait for one more second

No need for arty farty traits

You’re craftier than you reckon!

Create, create don’t fear mistakes

Just aim for imperfection

What matters is your soul’s awake

Don’t need to pass inspection!

Create, create, just take the bait

And go wherever it leads you

Make new things at a daily rate

You’ll see how much this feeds you!

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