What’s good for the Goose

During our late June jaunt through Baden-Würtemberg, we came across a wide variety of natural delights. Android was particularly enthralled by an early morning sighting of Canada Geese in a cornfield. I had not heard about this particular species and was glad to have my human encyclopaedia beside me, inspiring me to write the following poem.

Canada Geese

Canada geese

In the fields of gold hay

Brown, beige and buff there you stand

The walks have been tough

But the start of each day

Brings a cool morning breeze close to hand

Sunflower framed, curious,but not tame

We see you longed-necks quite exotic

And I am impressed that Android knows your name

And your elegant gaze is hypnotic

Photo : https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canada_goose


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