Lake-swimming deserves a Quiet Light

I can’t get enough of lake swimming at the moment! It is energising to swim in the sea, refreshing to take a splash in the pool, but lake swimming…

It feels to me like a near on spiritual experience to plunge into a cool lake in the morning. The cool beauty stills the soul and increases clarity and awareness. Ok, ok you get it – I LOVE lake swimming and it was great to experience time at the Sempachersee with our friends Anthony and Alison at the weekend.

Glowing Lake

The rising sun scintillates upon the nascent lake;

a beckoning basin of coolness

We congregate, inflate, anticipate

Hearts bouncing like playful puppy dogs

appetent legs stone-stepping across mossy slabs

casting ourselves deep into the inter-connected water galaxy

We share thoughts and swap oars

the threatening sun grimacing as we take solace in the deep fridge

paddling and pausing and pondering

capturing the communal sense of calm in words

and under-water photography

Each mouthful of the post-swim picnic affirming our indelible immersion


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