Hot under the Collar

As a shameless light chaser, there is nothing I love more than a cheeky week of sunshine in Southern Europe during my October Break. I love sunshine and light but the heat of the stifling summer sun does not appeal to me unless I am near water! As I lumbered towards the outdoor pool (Dornach’s saving grace in July and August!) the muggy weather got the better of me and I wrote this slightly self-deprecating number!

Sun-hit Brit

Like a walking oil slick, I slither out into the wasp-sting sky

Swollen thighs wading through stifling stick

Groaning grass begging for cloudburst

This could be a survival course!

I – the only Iron Lady confronting the nauseating Oppressive Sun Sickener

(fantasy foiled as I glimpse an elderly swiss lady stopping to tie her shoe laces and coping admirably)

Such a drama queen.

Just too English for this heat-bashing

Too English, I conclude, looking down at my two fried sausage legs in sympathetic disgust!

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