Plastic Population

I am no eco-warrior but do try to recycle as much as possible and do my bit where I can when it comes to conservation. I was particularly disturbed when watching a documentary in recent years which unveiled the other side of The Maldives experience. There are, apparently, whole beaches, away from the tourists’ eyes, which are clogged up with plastic. When will we learn to respect the natural beauty surrounding us?

Planet Plea

It aches for us, our stunning planet

Why do we think we’re bigger than it?

Why do we stuff its soul with plastic?

One day our plight will become drastic!

Why do we clog the air with crap?

Presume our water is on tap?

It cries for us, our smothered planet

We, ignorant and clueless gannets!

That bake beneath our ozone layer

A hole burned through despite God’s prayers

We focus on our own four walls

Despite the urge of nature’s call

The waste, I wish they’d somehow ban it

It aches for us, our stunning planet

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