La Flâneuse

Whilst on the train down to Yverdon-les-Bains for a WiiFi free cheeky overnight spa stay I dusted off my new book of poetic forms and penned the following Qasida. In a nutshell this is an Arabic form which consists of any number of couplets, up to one hundred, all turning on the same rhyme. It was poignant to recall the days of my third gap year when I lived on the outskirts of Paris and had a lot of time to roam and be all existentist!

French Fancy Qasida

Alone not lonely, far away

Picasso paints stylistically

My youth unfolds artistically

And circumstances mystically

Evolve my life in unseen ways

Don’t look beyond the light of day

Recall those times so blissfully

Exploring Paris wistfully

Could be what I so chose to be

My memories are mine to stay

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