Visions and Decisions

During a recent visualisation with my coach George, he asked me to journey to an imaginary place of unspoken authenticity. Sounds a little esoteric I know, but this led me to take a very interesting journey in my mind’s eye which I captured in the words below. Giving myself permission to visualise in this way really enables me to unlock parts of myself I didn’t know existed. As a result of the session (can’t believe I am actually writing this!) I committed to exploring the possibility of running a silent retreat. Our imaginations are indeed powerful tools!

Communal Being

Cross-legged on the grassy midsummer mound

The pine trees punctuate our sacred circle

A sense of intimacy induced by the ever growing violet shade of evening

Our faces glowing in the hypnotic campfire light

We watch our truth as it dances in the flickering flames

Shoulders gently shrouded by the softness of simple scarves

Silence is our saviour.

Some hold hands, their inner worlds connecting through flowing fingertips

Others gaze into disarmed eyes and journey,

plunging into the dilating depths of searching souls

Grounded by the repetitive rhythm of distant drumming

No words

Our spirits do the talking

Grateful for the revealing grace of silent communion

We breathe into our hearts and share the lightness of laughter

We merge with the rooted energy of the perfumed pines

Truly seen

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