Splitting Hairs

I can still recall the day I found my first grey hair. I was 31 and I was out shopping with my friend in the West Quay shopping centre. As I dipped my head to try on a new dress there it was, staring at me like a vicious grey wire! Not being a particularly focused on appearance, I shocked myself at how strong a reaction I had to this lifeless lock! All of a sudden I felt ancient and saw my carefree days flashing before my eyes! Eleven years and goodness knows how many silver strands later and the feeling is of course not so dramatic. I mean, what is a grey hair or ten between friends?! I even braved the au natural look for the two years. Yes really…no highlights whatsoever! I have to admit though, I did bite the bullet and add some lighter tones this year. I’m not sure that I’m a grey girl at heart!

Away with The Greys

The first one came at thirty one

She plucked it, in denial

Although the process had begun

She sucked it up and smiled

In dark blonde hair no one would care

The highlights would disguise it

But as they spread, a silent dread

More difficult to hide it!

The wirey crew in numbers grew

They sprouted in her parting

Although she joked deep down she knew

Her youthful self was smarting

Two years did pass, herself she asked

Perhaps I’ll tolerate it?

Some people stay with their cool grey

I really can’t berate it!

She had no urge to make the splurge

On costly monthly bleaching

But grey tones seemed like such a dIrge

And colours called, beseeching

And as she plucked one more for luck

It seemed the moment beckoned

To help her locks become unstuck

And change things up this second!

Image : https://www.paracord.eu/Charcoal-grey-Paracord


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