Swimming and Brimming

Being in water is pretty much always a positive move for me! It cools me down, relaxes me and makes me feel more in contact with my body. Swimming in a lake takes the experience to a different dimension so I was really up for it when my lovely friend Kate suggested spending the afternoon at a Badi (swimming area) near to her new place in Kilchberg, Zürich yesterday. On the train home I was so chilled that I even began writing a visualisation script based on lake swimming which I hope to feature as part of my coaching offering in the future.

Fulfilling Lake

Fulfilling day at Zürich lake

With my friend and new Mother, Kate

Some time to eat ice-creams and chill

With Katie, Ainslee and with Will

Not far from Lindt and Sprüngli fame

We laid out towels so as to claim

A Badi spot beneath a tree

And Evie slept quite happily

The lake was fresh, reminding me

The best things in this life are free

When I’m in water my soul wakes

Fulfilling day at Zürich lake


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