Fearless Nera

Our little girl Nera was the one to lead the way when our three part feral kitties moved into our home. Whilst poor Ziggy and Ebony cowered behind the sofa, Nery Noos was already out cleaning herself and strutting around the pad as if she owned it by day two. The other two babies watched her and gradually gained the confidence to follow suit. Thank goodness for Noo Noos!

Nery Noos

She’s round and black and rather lovely

Eyes of rock pool green

And yes she is a trifle chubby,

Laid back and serene

“I want some more”, big eyes implore

This girl gets what she needs

She creeps around my legs for more

The lure of second feeds!

Her coat it shines, like a fine wine

Her fur is never manky

By day she snubs me several times

At night we share my blankie!

She’s hot and cold but I am sold

She always calls the shots

Endearing as she falls and rolls

Onto her favourite spot

Oh Nery Noos what shall we do?

With one so cute and bubbly?

They’ll never be another you

So round and black and lovely!

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