The Feeling Gene

Being an empath is a complicated fate. On the one hand it allows me to perceive situations and people quickly but it also comes at a cost. I am constantly receiving sensory information and this can become quite draining at times. I find that grasping moments of solitude in nature and escaping for a jog with a good playlist are perfect remedies and an essential part of my daily prescription. Fellow empaths, how do you take care of your own needs?


I feel you in the breaths you take

I feel you in the pauses

Where in your sentences you break

Beneath the facts and causes

I sense the mood surrounding you

That which defies your manner

Beneath the things you say and do

Beneath the glitz and glamour

I hear you in your cadences

I grasp your intonation

I know what your true fragrance is

It needs no explanation

I see the soul that lives in you

The joy, the fear, the wrath

The intuition comes on cue

When you’re a true empath

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6 thoughts on “The Feeling Gene

  1. I did not only connected with the words…i can totally relate to this .and yes like you jogging with a playlist or going to the gym mid day when no one is around is really of great help to silence our feelings..


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