Stingy Thingys

Stinging nettles are evil things in my book but according to the Interweb contain astringent and diuretic properties and can be used to ease a variety of ailments ranging from painful joints to Anemia! As lunchtime approached during my Poetrython, I decided to face my nettle grievances head on and write today’s little number!

Nettles and Petals

I’d rather be a nettle than a petal

A petal is a pretty scented thing

I’d find it hard to make my life and settle

If all I did was grow too quick and sting

The ring of being floral and aesthetic

Pathetic though it sounds, would more joy bring

Cause nettleness is really not my kettle

I’ll settle for a petal life that sings


7 thoughts on “Stingy Thingys

  1. Beautifully written, Sam! ❤
    I simply love this idea and the way you've expressed it…
    Looking forward to reading more from you!


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