Beauty Sleep

There is nothing quite like a good night of uninterrupted kip to put the spring back in your step. I’ve always needed my sleep and struggle when I don’t manage to get the required amount of zzzz’s. A decent sleep reboots the body and soul and enables me to face challenges with energy and agility. As the end of the school year draws to an end I feel like I could do with more than forty winks in order to feel completely refreshed!

Sweet Slumber

Sweet slumber you restore me

Without you I’d be lost

When I lack you it’s Poor Me

deprived, I pay the cost

Sweet slumber you’re my pillar

Forever in your debt

Not just some cheap time filler

My only real safe bet

Sweet slumber you’re a saviour

A pick-me-up, a tonic

You brighten my behaviour

My need for you is chronic

Sweet slumber you’re a sanctuary

A harbour, an escape

I drift into you thankfully

You’re where ideas take shape

Sweet Slumber you’re my maker

A friend when I’m in need

A mover and a shaker

To your advance, I heed

I know when you implore me

to listen, you’re the boss

Sweet slumber you restore me

Without you I’d be lost

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