Paling in Comparison

I feel for the current generation who is growing up online. Without regurgitating all of the obvious arguments as to why this might be damaging, I can only say that I’m grateful for the innocence of my off line childhood. When everything is public it is no wonder that comparison takes on another dimension. This poem is a reminder to myself to stay true to me and know that I am enough just the way I am.

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Letting go of Comparison

No wonder we are all strung out

And we do not know why

Our online lives are all about

The message others buy

We never feel we’re good enough,

our happiness seems less

Comparison can be so tough

And cause unwanted stress

It’s time for more reality

More humanness, less hype

For humour and hilarity

Of the authentic type

Let’s not create false garrisons

Let’s not pretend and fake

Let’s not live in comparison

There’s far too much at stake

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