Ice cream Dream

Saying that I am ready for the summer holidays this year feels like a gross understatement. I am literally gagging for them! With everything I have chosen to cram into my life this year it is high time for a break. One day last week I began imagining my summer self traipsing around in flip flops and munching on a rather delicious ice-cream which led me to pen the following poem.

Summer Thirst

I’m gasping for a Gasparini

Flip flops and the time to swim

Tornatore and Fellini

Not feeling full up to the brim

I’m gagging for a grassy gathering

Barbecue and rose wine

Free from school and business blathering

Curvy turns and blurry lines

I’m bursting for a bite of freedom

Juicy jaunts with good old friends

Days that follow as I lead them

Summer evenings that don’t end

I’m longing for the time to savour

Postcards of this special year

And craving for the summer flavour

Of excitement to appear

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