Memory Jogger

Today marked the third of our annual school ‘Runs for Cancer’ inspired by the truly remarkable Terry Fox (if you have not heard of him do look him up on YouTube – his story is overwhelmingly inspirational). It is an event full of spirit and hope and am so glad it is part of the school calendar.

As I slogged around the warm track watching my svelte and speedy colleagues lap me, my Dads voice appeared saying “You can only do your best love” and I smiled. Dad’s words accompanied by Terry’s incredible example and the encouraging high fives of cheery colleagues and students really kept me going and on I jogged!

It is humbling to regularly do something that you’re not particularly good at and Dad was right. Your best is good enough. His humanity and graciousness stayed with me throughout the whole eight (and a bit) laps and once again I ran (o.k jogged!) for him.

Your Best

Can only do your best

That’s all that they can ask

Who cares about the rest?

In small successes bask

Your best is what you’re given

Your best should make you proud

By happiness be driven

Compete not with the crowd

Pursue your heart’s desire

Pursue what you find tough

Slog on though you perspire

Your best is good enough

Sometimes you are a beacon

And it’s your hour to shine

Some thrive in spots you’re weak in

Guide you across the line

To persevere’s a test

A life affirming task

Can only do your best

That’s all that they can ask



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