Curiosity and The Cats

Young Android had me completely convinced that despite not ever having heard of the Alsatian Neuf Brisach, it was a town not to be missed. In part he was justified in this conviction as the town boasts UNESCO fortified town walls whose perfectly octagonal formation is impressive enough to merit an afternoon visit. Just perhaps not an overnight stay! The town, other than the walls and the exceptionally cute cattery, is not what one would exactly call a tourist magnet! We had a great time though and aren’t the most memorable visits always in the most curious of places?

Neuf Brisach Number

An octagon, a rarity

We barely knew your name

Endearing local cattery

The moggies cute and tame

The town had the ability

To be a grander place

For Vauban cast stability

Upon each stone wall face

In Biesheim no humanity

A ghost town some might say

In Breisach we munched merrily

The Kaffee und Kuchen way

Some memorable hilarity

A Fawlty Towers greeting

The Two Roses lacked clarity

At least our stay was fleeting!

Our evening meal went peacefully

Some Riesling with our dinner

The gnocchi went down easily

Lunate was a winner

Our breakfast gaff buzzed busily

We had a damn good crack

Could miss it all too easily

A trip to Neuf Brisach

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