Wigwam Bam

My first year at university was a really challenging time. My family had fragmented overnight and I left a very broken home to start a supposedly new and exciting chapter of my life on a complete back foot. Thank goodness that I found a lovely friend who was facing similarly soul searching times. Although our paths diverted a few years ago, I will always recall our teepee expedition with huge fondness.

The Teepee Times

The teepee Times were legendary

We burned our bras that night

And tied them up triumphantly

The branches stayed upright

There had been trying times for us

But we had found each other

Like hippies from a magic bus

With two new Belgian lovers

In Harbledown we made our pitch

Lit candles round our tent

We laughed and cried, a touch bewitched

Beneath the moon we’d vent

And Legend captured everything

We were indoctrinated

Bob Marley made our troubles sing

A fine friendship created

Although we are a world apart

Life sent our paths diverting

The Teepee times stay in my heart

No one could try subverting

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Image : https://www.shelterness.com/9-easy-diy-outdoor-tents-and-teepees/


5 thoughts on “Wigwam Bam

  1. Oh this is fantastic. Brings back memories for me too. Love Bob Marley too. Oh, thise memories! Thankyou for this lovely poem


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