Dolly Daydreams

Inspired by the Poetry challenge I participated in in April, I continued to explore Japanese poetry. The Haibun is a form of poetry I particularly enjoyed experimenting with and was pleased to feature our very own Dolly the bunny (named after my legendary Grandma) as the lead role in the following piece!

Dolly Mixture

She loved laying on her butterscotch belly.

Floppy-eared, and legs akimbo she gazed lazily from the cool corner of her ragged run.

Neat nose twitching, she nonchalantly concluded that her new life was not to be sniffed at.

He had her back, Spoon-eared and off-white though he was.

The daisy-dotted lawn chuckled at her brazen bathing

and the soft sun diffused into the cooling air

Bouncing from budding bushes

A baby tiger

She munched the fresh grass unphased

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7 thoughts on “Dolly Daydreams

  1. This is LOVELY. I would love to join in these poetry challenges but can’t work out how to do it or where you post your entry. Being blind I can’t find out. But this is an endearing poem Sam. So beautiful


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