Run, Forest!

As I write this post I have just finished the poem below and am sat on a cosy log, listening to the chirpy birds and absorbing the replenishing energy of the forest near home. An hour ago I was hot and het up and what a difference escaping to the woods has made to the soul. I now feel totally present to the aliveness of the forest and am filled with a much welcomed grounding sense of gratitude.

Faithful Forest

Crackling in the woods

This path is overgrown

I’d stay here if I could

No WiiFi on my phone

The sticky day clings to me

Like unwashed workers hands

The birdsong ringing through me

How time is like quicksand

Within the leaves lie answers

Simplicity is key

It’s through the deeper glances

The wood shines through the trees

It’s time I let the breeze in

It’s time to clear the shelves

When I ignore all reason

I finally hear myself

The shade is my salvation

The log is my new chair

I sit in contemplation

And say a silent prayer

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