Weeding and Reading

The reading material that is often found in the common household bathroom can be a good insight into lifestyle and character. Currently Andros and I seem to have Mindfulness for Cats, Test your Cat and a 1978 Scottish whisky side amongst our loo library. Disclaimer – I did not put them there! Ok, so I do browse the eclectic collection from time to time! Today’s poem, equally as random as the post itself, is about a day in the life at the swiss love shack!

Cat Call

The day was hot like melted fudge

And not ideal for gardening

Good job that I don’t hold a grudge

That I am one for pardoning

For as we ventured down below

So we could start repotting

Our kitties had left quite a show

Too pungent to fail spotting

I mopped and flopped my heart it dropped

Chaotic was the cellar

A crispy lizard my eyes copped

Felt quite bad for the fella!

Stones and tufts and feathered fluff

Now we had seen the lot!

I know these three used to live rough

But we’re no moggie squat!

Yet right on cue no doubt they knew

Our soft hearts both forgave them

Cause kitties do what kitties do

It was our choice to save them

No doubt quite soon I‘ll change my tune

And curse their wild antics

They’ll look at me like I’m a goon

For being so pedantic

What do we know of how life goes

For once part feral kitties?

Who caterwaul in twilight‘s glow

They do not need our pity

But plain respect for they’re purrfect

Their mess is theirs to question

What can us humble slaves expect?

I bow down to their gestion

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