Entente Cordiale

One of the most refreshing summer non-alcoholic beverages has to be an elderflower cordial I reckon. When served with ice and a slice on a hot summer’s day it can make life feel a whole lot better all of a sudden. Today’s poem is about some Elderflower that I spotted on my walk on Sunday and which unknowingly cooled down my thoughts rather nicely! On another note I am now officially on Instagram and do live poetry readings every now and again. Folllow me at #coachingcreatively 🙂

Elderflower Shower

Elderflower, summer sweet

Your tiny buds, so white

are such a very zen like treat

How unity invites!

You are the perfect cordial

When partnered up with ice

My thirst for you primordial

I serve you with a slice

Elderflower, summer sweet

I’ve strolled our for an hour

And feel refreshed and more upbeat

Thanks to your floral shower


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